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SonRise Properties, LLC offers affordable, clean and safe Felon Friendly Housing in the Denver metro area of Colorado.

Offering both Shared Living Arrangements and Regular Rentals with no background check, credit check or income ratio check.

Shared Living Arrangement is within a regular home in a regular subdivision just like any other home.  Our Felon Friendly House is conducive to one interested and having a desire to build a new life.  Completely furnished and all utilities paid, cleaned and stocked, with all the essentials and necessities make for a spacious, comfortable and peaceful home in a quiet neighborhood.  Lease is month-to-month.

    shared living arrangement requirements:

  • Be a man currently on parole or probation or about to be put on parole or probation
  • Complete an over the phone intake interview
  • Have the necessary funds upfront prior to or on day of move-in
  • Sign Lease Agreement
  • Willingness to get along with others
  • Abide by house rules

Private Rentals are primarily condo's located within good to above average neighborhoods.  Unfurnished and may or may not include utilities, yet clean and completely equipped including in-unit washer and dryer.  May include other condo complex amenities.  Minimum Lease year-to-year.  Shorter terms may or may not be granted at additional cost. 

    private rental requirements:
  •  Will consider those with or without a criminal background or bad/no credit
  • Complete an over the phone intake interview
  • Complete online/email rental application
  • Flexible date/time showing will require certain funds
  • Have the necessary funds upfront prior to, showing or on day of move-in 
  • Sign Lease Agreement

SonRise Properties, LLC and network of affordable, clean and safe Felon Friendly Homes are located in and around the Denver Metro area as homes, condo's, duplex's, tri-plex's and four-plex's offering a total of many beds for shared living arrangement properties.  One, Two and Three Bedroom Condo's ranging from 725 to 1125 square feet round out the private rentals.

Speak with one of our representatives to learn why SonRise Properties, LLC is trusted as the go to connection for those seeking affordable, clean and safe Felon Friendly Housing or just have issues in their past and would like a nice place to call home.  Call (720) 334-2949. We understand the needs of today's tenant who may have issues renting.

SonRise Properties, LLC is known for quality properties, quality service and because of this, we are highly regarded by both property owners and tenants. Our friendly and exceptional service sets us apart from other rental companies.

Call SonRise Properties LLC today and learn why we are Denver's best choice for affordable, clean and safe Felon Friendly Housing. (720) 334-2949

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