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Everyone wants a clean, safe place to call home...

Why Felon Friendly Housing

SonRise Properties, LLC encourages rental property owners to provide clean, furnished, affordable properties to rent.  Primarily but not exclusive to ex-offenders of soft crimes, being released from State Correctional facilities that will provide suitable housing that supports their reinstatement back in society.
SonRise Properties, LLC is humbly proud to be Real Estate Investors and Social Entrepreneurs helping to make a difference.  The excitement of watching people's lives be transformed when given the chance to succeed is such a blessing.
Charlie Jackson - SonRise Property Supervisor
After serving in various ministries in and outside his local Church back in Minnesota, he recalls two which had major influences on him.  One was "Rebuilders" a nine week support workshop to help those experiencing marital concerns, resolve struggles, and identifies next steps in their spiritual and emotional growth.  From couples hurting in their marriage and experiencing marital difficulties (affairs, ineffective communication, and drifting apart), Rebuilders is designed for sinking marriages needing rescue.  Charlie served four years as a table facilitator for up to three couples per workshop.
Another is a Prison Ministry named the IFI Program (The Inner Change Freedom Initiative), founder Chuck Colson started.  A real crime stopper the ministry objective is to create and maintain an environment where change may take place and to foster respect for law and the rights of others. IFI is not a prison, but provides programming for prisoners to help them transform their lives and re-enter society successfully.  Charlie served as a mentor by visiting Lino Lakes Prison a Minnesota Correctional Facility every Tuesday and conversing with an assigned inmate named Randy.  Randy was 38 and had been in and out of prison since he was 16.  Charlie helped by being a mentor to Randy in the hopes Randy would learn to understand things about himself, God and relationships in general.
Charlie works full-time as a Mortgage Loan Originator helping people refinance or purchase a home.  Offering FHA, VA, HARP 2.0, Conventional, 203K, 203Ks, 80/15's, Jumbo, Subprime, Second and Reverse mortgage loans for purchase or refinance. Whether you're looking to purchase your first home, refinance your current home, invest in a second home or investment property or looking at retiring and using the equity in your home without having a mortgage payment further, Charlie has the programs and options to make it happen.
Charlie believes in not just a second chance for those willing to work for it; but a chance.  He doesn't believe in free hand outs.  When a person determines to make a change for the better in their lives; he has the experience, knowledge and passion to help that individual make that happen by offering affordable, clean and safe Felon Friendly Housing.
Amy Jackson - SonRise Property Manager 
Growing up was not easy for Amy as her Mom asked for a divorce from her Dad early on.  Amy however has a quote which says, "Everything happens for a reason".  Becoming pregnant at 16, she continued to attend high school and elected not to have an abortion.  She even managed to complete 2-Years of college.  As a single parent Amy has a lot of respect for those who choose to keep their child.
She was recently involved as a mentor in a program to a single 19-Year old Mother.  Getting together with her weekly and supporting her.  Amy raised her child by herself for 19-Years so she knows firsthand the struggles, looks and for some the embarrassment that goes with it.  She is grateful for that experience as it made her stronger.  Raising a little cute boy and watching him grow into a man can put years on you, she says, but to be honest she doesn't show it.
Amy's past working experience was in the Prevention and Initiatives department for Denver Public Schools.  For over a decade Amy dealt with a lot of children who had gotten themselves into trouble.  While misdemeanors were common the department also dealt with more serious offenses as well including murder.  While Amy did not condone their behavior you would often hear her refer to them as her children.  Why?  Because many times she learns these children come from single parent homes, drug invested families and fathers and mothers who are in alcohol and abusive relationships.
"Many of these children would have been fine, could be fine if they simply had a healthy family environment to grow up in" states Amy.  Amy firmly believes even though being a single parent herself back then that a Father and Mother are critical to the upbringing of our today's children.  She simply states this is no different than past generations.  Our society needs to get back to basics like self-control and respect for one another.
Amy has been involved in Real Estate since 2004 and is a full-time REALTOR®, not just a Real Estate Agent.  REALTORS® are require to adhere to a strict code of conduct with a higher moral standard and swears on oath to abide in serving their clients with honesty, integrity and professionalism and belong to a Real Estate Board.  Amy is proud to be associated with Exit Realty Denver Tech Center, a leader in the industry offering education, support and experience to their clients and associates.  If you are considering selling or buying a home, investment property, second home or simply want to know what your home is worth, call Amy, 720-231-4118 and to visit her website click here.
In her own words here is why she became a REALTOR®:
My name is Amy Jackson.  I am a very proud Colorado native.  I grew up in the heart of the city, Denver, Colorado, and could not imagine living somewhere else.  I made the decision to become a REALTOR® due in part to Real Estate Investment endeavors with my husband.  We worked with many different Real Estate Agents or REALTORS® in order to purchase real estate investments.
Sadly, most were not honest, lacked integrity, could not answer our questions... due in part they were not investors themselves.  And a real pet peeve for us was the total lack of customer service.  Customer service lacks in many areas of our USA society today, but when it comes to spending your hard earned dollars to purchase real estate... if anything Customer Service is the department that should shine.
My life experiences as a, REALTOR®, Home Owner, Real Estate Investor, Property Manager and Social Real Estate Entrepreneur continually give me real world scenario's teaching me wisdom, gaining insights and acquiring more knowledge.  The wealth of information I bring to the table benefits you, my client.
To me there are 3 Key Qualities that make for an “Exceptional REALTOR®”:
• Knowledge / Skill - Learning is a lifelong process
• Honesty / Integrity - This is core to who I am
• First Class Customer Service - You, the Customer are whom I represent
You have many choices when it comes to selecting a REALTOR®.  It is my sincere desire to help you and deliver a service that is beyond your expectations.
Your Friend in the Business and Trusted Advisor,
Always continuing her education by enrolling in CE (Continued Education) classes within the Real Estate field keeps Amy abreast of the housing market and what it takes to have a successful closing be it for a buyer or seller.

Their expertise combined make for a winning team whether your looking to rent or purchase.

They love and desire to learn, be involved in and contribute to Real Estate Investing which benefits their clients position in finding affordable, clean and safe housing. 

So as her and Charlie both have stated they believe in chances; not a second chance, but a chance.  This is the reason together they are Real Estate Social Entrepreneurs providing affordable, clean and safe Felon Friendly Housing to anyone whom would otherwise be homeless.  They found a need and came up with a solution.
This particular real estate endeavor is their Ministry they prefer to call, "Felon Friendly Housing".

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